This is us: Daniel, Bettina, Sophia Elena and Davíd. We are excited to start our new adventure as a little family in the Middle East. Ordinary people living in an extraordinary place, we are simply trying to make it in Beirut. Starting out with language studies, we will join a faith-based organization as volunteers. We are excited to be working alongside other people who want to show and act out God’s love by serving the country and all the people living in it or passing through. Follow us as we dive into Lebanese culture and glimpse into our minds and hearts. Be randomly inspired, entertained, challenged or even shocked.

Bettina is, despite her youth, already a seasoned and experienced secondary school teacher and mother. She is creative with textiles and cards as well as with coming up with ways to tease her husband. An extremely fun person to be around, she balances her love for people with times of seclusion she likes to spend either enjoying nature or getting things done. She enjoys (and makes) music that makes you move, the wind in her face, and snowboarding. Her desire is to see underprivileged people but also spoiled brats and lazy bums taking their lives into their own hands and achieving something meaningful, as she is allergic to all kinds of waste and especially so in relation to human potential. Together with her strong sense of justice, which is infused with an authentic spirituality, this motivates her to keep going in the big and small moments.

Daniel is a university-educated bookworm and aspiring teacher. Although neglected books are piling up on him since he got so lucky as to become a husband and father, his desire to read/see/listen to great stories as well to create them remains unbroken. A lover of languages and cultures, he enjoys meeting people and is most happy when community can be enjoyed in the context of a meal or a cup of coffee —which he will love to prepare for you if you come by. As an admitted idealist and dreamer, who wears his heart on his sleeve, he strives towards making the world a better place little by little while struggling to be ready to back up his hopes theologically.

Sophia is, scientifically proven, the cutest girl on the planet. Turning (at least their parents’) world upside down since summer 2014, this hyperactive bundle of joy is known for her cheeky grin and her mountain-moving sky-blue eyes. She loves her books at least as much as she loves her doll and her cars, but is even happier when she can collect said items (and anything else in her reach) in a bag or purse to carry around with her. An attentive listener to stories and songs, this little chatterbox has now started to create her own versions, which she will sing or recount excitedly—especially when she should be going to bed. Although she enjoys people and especially other kids, this amateur cook and courageous observer of pets is also quite happy whenever she can snuggle with her daddy or mommy—and so are they.

Davíd began his adventure in this world on July 2016 and has made uncountable discoveries ever since, such as the soothing impact his calm nature and wide smile have on his mother or how his cries bring out his sister’s protective side and turn daddy into a chanting/dancing weirdo. When he is not shadowboxing or observing everything and everyone within sight, the latest addition to our budding family is extremely busy with growing and being adorable. (According to impartial sources, he is doing amazing on both accounts)